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Send your writers specific content requirements for target keywords and improve your publishing process. Build authority & generate more sales.

Study your competitors inside out.

Learn everything about your competing content even before writing your content. Learn their weakness and strength and use it to claim your spot on the first page of Google.

Contentpace analyses top 50 ranked content for your keyword and breaks down each competitor into 24 different content metrics. This helps greatly to understand the topic trend and relevances.

Our rank correlation graph helps you understand the ranking trend in your competitors with an easy to understand view and instantly makes you a subject matter expert.

Writing software design for affiliate content writing.

Contentpace content briefs give you a bird eye view of the content you are going to write. Starting with a well researched brief is the most efficient way to produce authoritative content on scale.

Contentpace content brief editor makes this process comfortably easy. There is no need for repeated copy and paste. Simply click on any information from the topic report and it will be added to your brief.

Edit, arrange and share the brief to move further with your writers and customers. Avoid back and forth email and save hours in rewriting content. Reduce re-writes & save hours in the editing process from day one.

Fix topic gaps and write relevant content

Forget keyword density and upgrade your content optimisation game with AI and big data to optimise for Google rank brain.

Contentpace natural language processing module analyses all top 50 competing content for your keyword and identifies the most prominent keywords and phrases. It analyses more than 100 parameters and builds suggestions for you to identify topic gaps and entities to optimise your article and rank higher in Google.

Fix these topic gaps and instantly rank higher for your target keyword.

Rank for multiple keywords with one single article

Contentpace seo content editor helps you automatically optimise for multiple relevant keywords. This helps to build subject matter authority and get search traffic from sub-niches.

Automatic SEO & writing guidelines.

Gone are the days of writing instructions manually for each content brief. Contentpace’s smart brief editor automatically adds detailed SEO and writing instructions for your writers with every content brief.

Our customers love us for the speed and productivity we provide in their writing workflow and content brief being in the center of it, we are proud to set a trend with our unique design and pioneering technology.

Analyse and improve your on-page ranking factors.

Contentpace fetches and analyses top 50 ranked pages to determine the optimum topic length, keyword density, heading cluster, density and hierarchy for your target keyword.

Your content is then compared with these metrics to build a suggestion list of improvements. No matter if you are an SEO pro or content publisher, these suggestions are easily understandable and actionable.

Fixing the suggested changes will accelerate your Google ranking process.

Organize your content production workflow

Unorganised projects leads to chaos: total disorganization that leaves you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure how to meet your deadline and publishing goal.

Email and spreadsheets will scatter your work on different platforms and make you work extra hours. You will spend more time on organising your resources than actually making progress on the content.

Thanks to Contentpace content planner, organize and plan the content you wish to publish through your digital marketing channels, all in one calendar. Stay organised and boost productivity.

Collaborate and work faster with your team

Contentpace workspace is a powerful collaboration platform for content teams with approval flows, revisions, and comments to speed up your review & feedback processes. Bring your whole team on the same workspace to organise, plan and produce high quality content.

No back and forth email and multi channel communication to get work done. Communicate efficiently and purposefully and get more content published faster.

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