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In a utopian world wide web, a search journey ends at reader’s satisfaction. Searcher finds the answer she is looking for. Google wants this utopian web, readers demand this utopian web, and content marketers need to contribute to this utopian web, for their own benefit.

Search has become increasingly conversational and search engines understand context, intent and reward subject matter expertise. Publishing content is no more a linear process. Every blog article needs to be considered as a product that requires proper management from ideation to monetization throughout its lifecycle. Every newsletter has to meet the audience's expectation and every social post has to resonate with the followers. It’s a work that requires a tremendous amount of effort and perfection.

Our mission is to bring order into this chaotic world of content marketing. We want to organize and introduce processes. We want to improve the efficiency of execution with workflow automation and collaboration. And we want to empower content marketers with tools to measure & understand their data better to identify the scopes of improvements.

At Contentpace, we firmly believe, content marketing returns the best results when a team is aligned, well equipped and has access to diverse skills. That’s why, we envision ourselves as an ecosystem builder by serving all three parts of the content marketing:

Strategy: We want to make the expertise of world class marketers, writers and bloggers accessible with productised services.

Technology: We are developing the productivity platform for content research, analysis and resource management with big data and machine learning.

Talent: We want to democratize the access to on demand talents like bloggers, publishers, writers, editors & marketers with a marketplace.

Our productivity platform is the first step towards our mission which brings innovation in time and workflow management for writers, bloggers and content teams.

As a team obsessed with user experience and product simplification, we believe in the motto of delivering more than expected. We believe and practice equality and our values as a human will always reflect in our product and services.

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